Sometimes, all we need is a little space.

Between our hectic lives, everyday stressors and demanding schedules, we all need to get away once in a while. As a production company based in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire, we’re close enough to the hustle and bustle of a major city, while still far enough away to enjoy getting our hands (and boots) dirty in the woods. So when Converse and Iron & Air Media approached us about collaborating to tell a story about just that, we jumped on the opportunity.

Converse’s new Fastbreak MC18 rugged boot is made for adventure — from the city to the mountains and back again, and for the whole journey in between. And with Iron & Air’s explorer mindset, combined with our knack for capturing and telling a story of this type, the collaboration brought together three brands with unique perspectives and aligned values.

Director/DP Dan Dunn took the creative lead on the project titled “Bug Out,” which was inspired by the 1950’s military slang for soldiers evacuating a base on short notice. Dan put his experience with, and passion for, capturing action-sports to good use as he told the story of a man, his motorcycle, his Converse MC18s, and his voyage to “bug out.”

We showcased the versatility of Converse’s MC18s by demonstrating how they’re not only for adventures, but also for the daily grind of city life. Through a mix of filming techniques and an abundance of terrains, we highlighted all these boots can stand up to, and all they represent.

After wrapping field production, the real work began in post, as we used intensive sound design to bring the story to life on screen in the absence of dialogue or text. The result was a multi-sensory feature that brought the viewer along for the ride with our hero on his journey to find some peace and quiet in his otherwise hectic world.

We had a blast working alongside the squad from Converse and our friends at Iron & Air Media. And while the final destination was sweet, this experience was really all about the journey. Until next time, we’ll be “bugging out” somewhere, looking for the next big story to tell.

Check out the final piece below.

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